About Us

Our Story!


Hello to our customers, and future customers! My name is Maria Rosario, and I am the owner, and founder of Sario Boutique. I am a 25 years old born in the
Dominican Republic and raised in New York. Here's my story on starting my brand. I originally started Sario Boutique in 2015, and eventually had to shut it down because I wasn't putting my all into the business due to distractions, not being able to source quality clothing, and ultimately not knowing much about business. Eventually I did start another online brand which was Couture Doll Lashes in which I sold quality, and handmade mink lashes. Starting that brand taught me a lot about business, and what it takes to run and grow a business. Eventually, I started Sario Boutique on August 2019 while still running my lash business. 



Since I was younger I always knew I would want to become a business owner. My dad is a business owner, and being around him, and witnessing all the behind the scenes, watching him build something from nothing, and being successful also inspired me to also follow in his footsteps. Being active in my dad's business taught me the importance of customer service, and making your customers experience worth while, while shopping with a small business. I also learned so much about all the rewards you get from being your own boss. My dream from being a business owner is to be my own boss, and inspire people around the world that they can go after anything they want in life.


Fast forward to the end of 2020. I was running my lash business, and Sario Boutique but I was giving my 100% to my lash business. Fashion is something I love, and always wanted to do since forever. What girl doesn't love clothes, bags, and shoes so I always saw myself having my own fashion brand. Ultimately, I decided to shut down my lash business, and focus solely on Sario Boutique. Right now I am running my small business from my apartment, and also working with my dad at his small business. Everything that my brand requires being done by me. From packaging my own orders, social media, fixing my own website etc.. Im working with my dad while pursuing my dreams, and making them a reality. My goals moving forward with just Sario Boutique is to expand it into a global fashion brand, have my own warehouse, continue growing, and have different girls/guys wear my clothing, doesn't matter the race, color, gender etc... My brand was founded for everyone not just a specific type of person, whether female or male. I want my brand to be all inclusive, especially with todays society. With Sario Boutique everyone is a potential customer. If you like trendy, and refreshing pieces then were the perfect brand for you! My brand revolves around our customers, because without them Sario Boutique is nothing, and that's something that my brand stands for. 

Thank you for supporting me, and my business! 


Maria Rosario - CEO Sario Boutique LLC